Three metres in absurd,
Seven syllables second.
The sword for the third.

Sunlight Sex.

Snatch summer rolls by,
The forest murmurs with breezes.
Hard times and warm suds.

 Pagans 0, Christians 10.

Hands callus . . . callous,
Priest Pete sets straight the chalice.
Acolyte malice.

My Articles.

I sell them online.
Ancient trade’s very old,
Ten thousand years we’re told.

Loon Tension.

Lonely gray echoes,
Of wraiths over the water.
Canadian loonie shekels.

Stephen King.

‘It’ ‘Stands’ in ‘Dark Tower’,
It’s in the sewers stupid!
I too, skipped some pages.

Plato’s Buoyancy.

Regard his alloy.
Caught cold this cultural void,
Even essences are annoyed.

 Thomas Sowell.

Cultural facts: pell-mell.
Wealth and labor disputer.
Socialist refuter.

Chomsky’s Democracy.

Over there, the noose;
Angry rabble seize the loot.
Bag the golden goose.

Ozymandias Again.

Nine cities straight down,
They’ve uncovered ancient Troy
The past tense of Man.

The Dictator’s Wife.

She’s a beauty,
I have bought her a hundred shoes.
Bouazizi's shoeless storm.


Hey, buy ‘The Way’, fool,
Build the hotel to the right.
Flowers by the pool!

Queer Leninism.

Stalin laughed as they bled.
Led to the back of the head.
Bolsheviks all dead.

Period Piece.

Cups her menstrual breasts.
Love whispers in old slippers.
“Blood inside fjords!”

Seeds in the Wind.

Golden rye his talk,
White tyranny eye’s sclera,
Round reigns, weathercock.

Halloween Sex.

Ochre pumpkins burn,
Red beaming hair orange briar.
Blazed ginger bonfires.

 Greek Dark Ages.

All the science merges:
Drought, invaders, invert purges,
Trailed by anti-dirges.

The Anti-Platonic.

Leary of the “Forms?”
Behold its enormous bluff!
Shadow’s real enough.

 Virginian Tiger Moth.

Used to watch daughter,
Yellow killer caterpillar;
Indeed, it got her!


I saw the aged ghosts,
In my old town at all the posts,
I once loathed father.

Pussy Willows.

Cattails grow by brooks,
Muses on lips, chests and hooks.
His king slays her rooks.

This Ship Has Sailed.

He lies naked there,
Within the margins of conceit.
Seven sheets within.

Why We Still Have Theatres.

We met at the mall,
Popcorn cost more than the flick.
Hot embrace in last stall.

Why Gifts Are Important.

Wasteland has come after death,
I lived with arid breath.
Unexpectedly svelte leadership.


Two Opposite Thoughts.

This Then Is Socialism.

Noam came to town to touch the heart of the people,
He went to the central square near the old church steeple.
He read his recipe from a long list,
And asked each in their turn to assist.

He accepted their invitations and sat to eat,
The captains of labor were at his feet.
He gained their trust and moved off to the next town,
His activism sat on his head like Christ’s thorny crown.

Was he well clothed and fed?
This then is socialism! The preacher’s bed!
Living like a leech from those who love to give,
Contributing to culture, a negative.

This Then is Capitalism.

Captain Greenspan likes golden marzipan
And expects you to be gratified, eating from a tin can.
He jet-sets around the entire globe,
Burrowing money to cut the frontal lobe.

We, the consumers, are his vacuum cleaners,
Waiting to gobble up all the beans and wieners.
The juice trickles down our throat;
The indigestion makes us unwilling to vote.

Dense thickets of useless addresses,
Are the dark forest of what his speech confesses.
This then is capitalism: An oblique prism.
And to find a rainbow in the pit of an economic abysm.