You might be thinking that the millions of people who died in the grist of a modern day evil-grinder like totalitarian communist states, didn’t die in vain. The Left likes that lie in the same way that Christians call humanity’s 1000 year devolution into the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages: allegedly a time of moral purification and solidity of an ethical movement more superior than Roman Stoicism. Unless you count it a lesson to the West about how not to do things, this is as dishonest as religionists’ claim that reason and moral values aren’t connected. see, Perfect Religion and Reason and Myth. Most Marxists and Critical Marxists would rather let people die in the streets, or even altogether starve, than ever admit that their ideology is a fairytale religion. In all their attempts in civil order, with no apparent exceptions, their idiotic views on one party monopolistic-democracy have led to the very destructive phenomena of ‘Cult of Personality.’ This model for total dictatorship has much to do with an adolescent ‘herd mentality’ and hero worship, the exact ‘Robin Hood Morality’ that produces ‘Us and Them’, socialism, and all the equivalents of Platonic Religions such as Christianity and Marxism that have been wracking our shores for a millennium.

Fidel Castro seized power at 33 years of age in 1959, Muammar al-Gaddafi at only 25 spins around the sun in 1969 and Kim Jong-il in1994 at 52 years of age. Besides China and a few other communist states like Laos and Vietnam which practice state-capitalism -- they also do well with plenty of visits from retired pro-statist baby-boomer-tourists -- these states and their leaders are singularly telling. It takes a village idiot not to know that socialism is damn near everywhere in the world ( I mean both the democratic and non-democratic kinds) taking no responsibility for any of the world’s woes and blaming every problem on greed, individualism and  capitalism, especially the non-existent,  laissez faire type. Whatever Marxism is or for that matter, Christianity, they shared the same ailments: rapid palpitations caused by their fear of open societies; ulceric hatred of reason; paranoid distrust of democracy; and the almost schizophrenic contempt of everything sensual. Especially they loathe The Rational Individual, and modern libertarianism. They love egalitarianism, and theoretically, collectivism, poverty and the view of man as helpless without the church or state.

But let’s leave Jesus Marx and the modern Platonic Religions of the West aside for now. Let us chat about three old decadent Lefties who’ve muscled themselves into unrelenting power in Korea, Cuba and Libya, and apparently have all gone mad, proving Acton’s old observation: ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.’ All three left-leaning, near or out-right Marxists, are certified amalgams of certain paradigms. Fidel ruled for more than four decades (and through his brother still holds sway). The estimated figures of democide by R J Rummel for Cuba are put at over 100,000 and for a small fair-weather island with potential-a-plenty, there is enough egalitarian impoverishment for even the blindest liberal to be converted to a new cautiousness regarding the Left. Gaddafi is nearing 40 years of rule. He was executed on October 20, 2011 by the very people he oppressed for four decades. Kim Jong-il was called the Supreme Leader; he liked cognac and pretty girls; he had supernatural powers and had disabled people deported from Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea.  The people of the world love him, so the official state propaganda goes, and he has created a society where any rational individuals who don’t hang themselves, migrate out of country to the south as quick as their feet can carry them. The leader himself, surfed on the sagittal plane where the empty hemispheres below are completely unused, both left and right halves. His country is developing nuclear weapons. When he died, he probably had the IQ of Hitler just before he married Eva Braun. (Kim Jong-il died on Saturday December 17, 2011).

Which One was the Craziest Though?

Well, if you listened to Gaddafi’s 80 minute rant on February 22, 2011, you would be tempted to give him the award. Nearly as mad as a climacteric murderous hag at 70 years of age, his vitriol showed a complete lack of any penitential fix-up for squandering his nation’s oil wealth on worldwide terrorism and stealing 75 billion dollars in personal wealth. Ah, the Swiss! But Kim Jong-il’s habits – if there was any irony here, his cognomen would be spelled ill – are way out there in the looney-tune land of slightly-overweight simian evolution. His epicene statues, clean streets of utter poverty and lavish ceremonies of the slavish starving masses are just sad.

How could it be so? How can the human mind be so easily snapped? How can we be so fragile after so many millions of years of evolution. Aren’t we tough enough? Well, we are tough enough. I’ll tell you what it is. Human beings are defined, created and dependant on ideas. Bad ones like Platonic innateness and otherworldliness, Christian altruism and  mysticism and Marxist’s dialectic logic and violent overthrow have actual horrible results if followed by enough of us: consequences such as, the diminishing of Greek democracy and growth of mystical Neoplatonism  after Plato, the resulting Dark Ages after Christ and the horrifying figures of democide of the last century after Marx. And let’s not permit National Socialism or Islam to squirm off the hook either. As for Hitler and Mussolini, (who had read Marx) they combined left and right into blood instinct as only bungling Nietzschean Ubermans could. "These people, [later Marxists], were offended when the racists took over the same ideas, [about class consciousness], claiming that the various races have different logics but the logic of the Aryans is the true logic." It was one violent Teutonic storm joined with a harsh Roman wind creating a cretin’s war. As for Islam. No surprise that there’s one democratic Jewish State surrounded by 56 dysfunctional Islamic autocracies. No shock if you read the Quran to learn that Muslim leaders spew hate 24/7 in their political diatribe. Their scripture is filled with the most extreme invective put to pen, right up there with The Republic, The Bible and Das Kapital. As surely as Marxism is a religion disguised as a political philosophy so Islam on the Medina side is a political philosophy dressed up as a religion.

The Right and the Left. What’s to say? The consequence of the venomous snakebite is the same from vipers or taipans. It makes no difference if you’re shot under the nationalist or socialist government: Mubarak or Gaddafi? Somoza or Sandinista? Soviet or Reich? Take your pick. Dead is dead and democracy is democracy. The hypocrisy of the Left is just as annoying as the greed of the Right. Maybe Castro doesn’t have billions stashed away . . . maybe . . . all the more shame that he kills on principle. Ideology is the purlieus of civil society, extreme law is iniquity of the self-righteous and there is no anodyne to torture, not even, or especially, the Bush-Cheney kind. Food prices, corruption and cruelty, of course, move the masses, but Libya is one of the wealthiest nations in the world while its people remain one of the poorest. North Korea has to be compared to its southern reflection. What idea took it here instead of there? Cuba is geographically one of the best spots in the West and is this sniveling third-world charity case. What gets dictators thrown out, i.e., food shortages and the like, doesn't hide the fact that many, if not most of the protestor’s aspirations for freedom are real, if not realistic. Nonetheless, look what is happening as the US government destabalizes the World on Obama's, Trump's, and Biden's watch? Had enough regime change, see, Enough Already.


NOTE:  "In the listing of economies by gross domestic product, the highest ranking Muslim majority country is Turkey, with 64 million inhabitants, in twenty-third place, between Austria and Denmark, with about 5 million each. The next is Indonesia, with 212 million, in twenty-eighth place, following Norway with 4.5 million and followed by Saudi Arabia with 21 million. In comparative purchasing power, the first Muslim state is Indonesia in fifteenth place, followed by Turkey in nineteenth place. The highest-ranking Arab country is Saudi Arabia, in twenty-ninth place, followed by Egypt. In living standards as reflected by gross domestic product per head, the first Muslim state is Qatar, in twenty-third place, followed by the United Arab Emirates in twenty-fifth place and Kuwait in twenty-eighth. In a listing by industrial output, the highest-ranking Muslim country is Saudi Arabia, number twenty-one, followed by Indonesia, tied with Austria and Belgium in twenty-second place, and Turkey, tied with Norway in twenty-seventh place. In a listing by manufacturing output, the highest-ranking Arab country is Egypt, in thirty-fifth place, tying with Norway. In a listing by life expectancy, the first Arab state is Kuwait, in thirty-second place, following Denmark and followed by Cuba. In ownership of telephone lines per hundred people, the first Muslim country listed is the United Arab Emirates, in thirty-third place, following Macau and followed by Réunion. In ownership of computers per hundred people, the first Muslim state listed is Bahrain, in thirtieth place, followed by Qatar in thirty-second and the United Arab Emirates in thirty-fourth.Book sales present an even more dismal picture. A listing of twenty-seven countries, beginning with the United States and ending with Vietnam, does not include a single Muslim state. In a human development index, Brunei is number 32, Kuwait 36, Bahrain 40, Qatar 41, the United Arab Emirates 44, Libya 66, Kazakhstan 67, and Saudi Arabia tied with Brazil as number 68. A report on Arab Human Development in 2002, prepared by a committee of Arab intellectuals and published under the auspices of the United Nations, again reveals some striking contrasts. “The Arab world translates about 330 books annually, one-fifth of the number that Greece translates. The accumulative total of translated books since the Caliph Maa’moun’s time [the ninth century] is about 100,000, almost the average that Spain translates in one year.” The economic situation is no better: “The GDP in all Arab countries combined stood at $531.2 billion in 1999—less than that of a single European country, Spain ($595.5 billion).”  The Crisis Of Islam, Bernard Lewis. (2003). See here for a 2024 update.