Free Speech

Peter Singer, Michael Huemer, Yuval Noah Harari and other contemporary intellectuals who compare the interests of mammalian vermin with the human beings they infect, or call us monsters because evolution made us meat eaters, or that we're bad algorithms replaceable by future machines are hard to take seriously. Of course, their likes call us other names as well, such as bourgeois, fringe, peasant, pedestrian, laughably stupid and of course, the greatest sin, selfish. They are clearly lost in their solipsist self-righteous values of placing animals and machines on par with primates and humans. Most of their intellectual enemies are at the very least sexual predators, white supremacists, racists or just plain old fashioned truck drivers and Wall Street occupiers. Clearly though, the moral certitude of Left and Right is mistaken as is becoming frighteningly clear.

Someday if states all over the world dwindled to the size of Night-watchmen-governments and had free trade between all their borders; if they all guaranteed  human rights and property rights for everyone, the planet could at last live in peace. Not that state capitalists (neo-cons) or state socialists (neoliberals) give a damn about that viable plan. For example, someday the world could become vegan and should with the correct economic innovation in regards to creating protein alternatives for the eight billion people on the planet. But not tomorrow. Millions would starve. Not that for a minute neo-Marxists and ethics philosophers care about the serfs and Kulaks like us, they’ve already proven that in the 30 or so countries they once ruled or are still ruling. They are so smug in their improvable, irrational prejudices against our universally shared dispositions  (i.e., our human nature set by evolution) that it is certainly puzzling why they are lost in their premise that we are so pliable when we are clearly not. They abhor sensual human beings the way we have evolved over the millions of years. These types of declinist-intellectuals advocate that humans are born without innate mental structures; without a strict human nature. They are romancers of the noble savage myth and believers that human beings can be sculpted by the endlessly growing state and its intellectuals into perfect Platonic utilitarian biological robots. There are Jesus nuts on the one side and batty Marxists on the other and nowhere is reason/science often to be found in either group, just sleepy althusserian stranglers choking the life out of the West and so many mass media Western journalists similar to Walter Duranty or Edgar Snow that it is frightening.

And I don’t know what Nathan Robinson is talking about when he says stuff like: “Personally I find use of the word ‘woke’ by critics of the left to be extremely irritating, because the term is so imprecise.” Really? Imprecise is it? No libertarian would ever talk like this: “Stay woke comrade.” The concept's vagueness is on the Left; that's on them 100 percent, they have stalinized anyone who criticises me too Movement, Woke, Critical Race Theory, or Trans radicalization. A libertarian would see its immediate imminent danger to freedom of speech. Whether the attack on freedom is from the Right or Left, hardly matters, except that to the Left, they could never be, by fiat-declaration, ethically worse than the Right no matter what the body count is. I want to stress to all the card carrying socialists out there like the Nathan Robinsons of the world who think they are above and beyond—sure you are, on somebody else’s pay—those who blather insincerely about Human-rights and freedom of conscience that free speech isn’t just for honest to goodness truth-sayers like him and the great woke lobby, (this authoritarian cultural fascisti minority); but also, for those who deny the holocaust, believe in Trump's alternative facts, nationalists, communists, religionists, nazis, racists, misogynists and all the merry-go-round killjoys on this crazy planet of ours who the political-class all love to detest. If you shut these people up, cancel them or kill them, how are you different then from Fascists, Nazis, Bolsheviks or Communists? Individuals with fixed opinions who no more would undergo a paradigm shift or mind-shift than a Marxist would become a Classical Liberal, and who are loath to listen to any other POVs, but indeed, who are keen to smear, distort and even lie about their intellectual adversary’s positions, are not proponents of freedom but their utter enemies. “The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. . . . .The way to defeat bad ideas is by exposure, argument, and persuasion, not by trying to silence or wish them away.”

NSA, FBI, CIA’s false claims about Saddam Hussein’s regime regarding harvesting WMDs played out in the mass media when they all published unchallenged claims from the American security state and went to war. (They knowingly lied about that war!) They did it again during Covid and over the alleged Russia conspiracy to eat up and spit out precious liberal Democrats at a rate too fast for anyone to actually see, as this laughable apologetics shows you. But remember, they did it for the Vietnam War as well; the state and its agencies have been lying for an extremely long time as any Watergate or Iran/Contra article will show you: (i.e., endless war). The job of real independent journalists is to expose the lies of power, not to cover them up, never to make a fact-free analysis, certainly it should be forbidden to accept lies too good to check, by no means to help suppress any current modern-myths, or to ever, ever, conceal the untruths no matter what the outcome: facts are facts, and truth can only ever be ascertained with their assistance. Mass media journalists, by-proxy, now work for the state, and far from exposing the state-capitalist's and government's lies, help hide or even craft them.

Plus, and I know this is really mean to say; however I’ll say it anyway,  the intelligentsia have likely never worked for a living and not liked it if they did, (subsidized social science university work and mass media jobs don’t count, that’s not working that is almost always propagandizing against individualism full-time). They have no middleclass working values, spurn capitalism, disdain reality, reason, and especially, selfishness, but of course not their own egocentricity: their self-interest they understand perfectly fine just like state-licensed teachers and doctors appreciate their cozy relation to their legislative protectors, and especially their power within the political class of which they are powerless without. They ask of you and your kids to please be disposable for humankind’s utopian experiments; they are economic ignoramuses and Leftist-fundamentalists: facts are totally optional to them. This is their chant about the marginalized people they scorn, try to muzzle, and injure in any way they can, (including lying about and exaggerating their enemies’ faults): “Let them eat Rousseau blood-pudding”, while they practice on us: "From each according to his greed for sacrifice, to each according to his ability to surrender the individual for the anti=collective thought crime”.

What a farce modern philosophy is to tolerate these subsidized intellectuals who justify human submission to reach the questionable dystopian ends which they desire for humankind and who believe they are smarter, brighter, more knowledgeable than the working folks on the ground and are full of self-flattering pretensions (i.e., they are actually quite out of touch with reality). Those who believe, with absolute certainty and with entirely no proof, (and also no skin in the game) that human beings are infinitely malleable and have no specific restrictions and are basically puddy in the hands of their rulers. Their unstated motto is: “Don’t question the broad egalitarian neoliberal agenda which evinces equity of outcomes even at the price of your diminitive, unimportant life” or the elitist neo-con traditionalists who would gouge out your eyes if you proved a single bit of evidence against the criminal American security state. Their talking point: “Anyone can see that the Deep State thing is a wild exaggeration and a most improbable conspiracy”.

Their hidden evil desire: eliminating the allegorical Cossacks (“They are a nuisance who stand in the way of my agricultural plan.”). The unwashed & unschooled, anti-Woke, pro-capitalists libertarians like me and all who create "disinformation" against the almighty security god are destroying the planet even as I write this feeble notice. I don't even have a church door to nail it to. But of what god do you speak? Well, not Zarathustra but rather the hegemony of power in the world today: The American Industrialized Military Complex’s Revolution 2 Eradicate Everyone’s Progress, or AIM 2 CREEP, (i.e., the war pigs). Those who stand in the way, (the extremely tiny biological entities, almost too little to see and made of forgettable atoms), of an ideal despotic everything, (the scientific socialist string-theory of Hegelian-advancement), are our new over-watchers. Our purging would not be the worst thing that could happen, (not even a crime really, just a statistic, think almost microscopic and exceptionally insignificant); the gate keepers secret unspoken refrain is: "At all events, I hope the bourgeoisie will remember my carbuncles until their dying day. What swine they are!"

These are the most important takeaways to these decadent intellectuals like Sam Harris and Jeff Goldberg who are beholding to the mass media security-state and manufacture consent by a complete lack of reason, science or facts and have an outward abhorrence for messy democracy: 1) free speech is just for them, not their intellectual enemies and free will is an illusion, 2) Any person or groups who disagree with them are spreading disinformation, 3) these people or groups who do not agree with the warmongering neo-cons and neoliberals are fringe, deplorables, irrational-capitalists, toxic-males, religious-reactionaries, Joe Rogan extremists, Lex Fridman outsiders, Jordan Peterson fanatics, and certainly not a comrade, Praise Marx and Peace Be Upon Him, woops, getting my messiahs mixed up. 4) They know, intuitively, with certainty, and (be quiet you asshole), absolutely, that the national security state of America would never overthrow American democracy (transparency is overrated and the FBI would never censor Conservatives); let’s persecute the independent journalist Julian Assange and encourage the establishment-journalists (Democrats) to be the lead cheerleaders of his imprisonment, threaten the Libertarian Edward Snowden and lie about free-speech absolutist Elon Musk, shut-down Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Lee Fang, Michael Shellenberger, Sabby Sabs, and other journalists who defend them, 5) Will no security agency ever shut-up (the free-speech extremist), Noam Chomsky? 6) How can we get ice-cream, pizza, gummy-bears and cheeseburgers onto the food-pyramid? 7) Can’t we get Facebook, Google and YouTube to be taken over by the FBI, NSA or CIA before the Nazi Trump insurrection happens again: (Newsflash: January 6 2021: "Did you see that on CNN? They’ve taken over the capital and brutally  murdered four police officers?” I am afraid by this point that I am thinking maybe in 2023 that they are not the ones who have actually taken it over and no police officers were murdered by insurrectionists on January 6 2021, that was made up out of the minds of deception of the auxiliary news-agents of the security state working for CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post and others. 8) Aren’t most conservative Christians like Matt Gaetz pedophiles and sex traffickers? 9) The appalling and irritating skeptics do not deserve due process of law and why should they? They’re haters who didn’t even voluntarily wear masks or get vaccinated during the time of Covid, have no lgbtq2s+ besties, did not march with the BLM protesters, rioters and looters, and finally, 10) criticising mass-media pseudo-journalists, privileged bullies such as Taylor Lorenz, Anderson Cooper, Oliver Darcy, and the foolhardy cancel-culture pushers and "left-wing hacks who want to hide the truth from the public", is true anathema, a version of using words as items of terror, violence and dehumanizing tools on these famous millionaires calling themselves journalists, but who actually do no real reporting, is just a horrible crime against humanity. (BTW: notice that they never ever push back against the ever-growing states around the world). (And violence with words? Just put your fingers on the counter and see what real violence with a hammer can do, you silly human beings). (Also, pay tribute to Karl Marx who showed us the way on how to perfect human beings—i.e., a hint if you will, “Let’s kill them all and start over again!”) Here's a quote from the very first Marxist:  “The ruler must wipe the slate clean: the philosopher king must perforce expel from society all over age ten so that he may begin with fresh young minds.”