Surely as gravity is no longer considered a theory but a fact, so too now, goes evolution. If you’ve taken the time to watch First Life, Our PlanetLife of Mammals, Planet EarthBlue PlanetLife in the UndergrowthLife of BirdsLife in Cold BloodWalking With Prehistoric BeastsWalking With DinosaursLifeFrozen Planet and other such scientific series, you’ve realized the holes in evolution have long ago been plugged. [See, Breaking the Spell, D Dennett; Darwinism Evolving, D Depew and B Weber; Origins of Life, J M Smith & E Szathmáry; The Theory of Evolution, C Mills; The Third Chimpanzee, J Diamond; A Universe from NothingL M Krauss; Why Evolution is True, J A Coyne; Sapiens, Y N Harari;  Wonderful Life, S J Gould; The Blind Watchmaker, R Dawkins; and The Origin of the Species, C Darwin.] Only the idiot winds and religious fundamentalists would take exception and respond with an irrational theory of history which no longer any real scientist can believe without a polite whimsical smile of disbelief. This time a century ago, you were not realistically compelled 100 percent to believe, ‘tis true I’m afraid. Many renowned people had their doubts! There was room for some runner-up theories. Now? Darwin’s doctrine has been delivered up by the rational class, cleaned-up, dried and neatly elucidated by thousands of PhDs: microbiologists, sociologists, neuroscientists, anthropologists, geologists, historians, mathematicians, psychologists and biologists.