Murder at Summerset

Murder at Summerset by E A St Amant
ISBN: 0978011899    
ISBN-13: 9780978011895
Pages: 257   
Words: 94,400   
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The author takes you into the anguished heart of a utopian community on Europa and the developing chaos of a devolving America. The chances of murder, conspiracy, and outright destruction of Summerset seem as impossible as the President of the United States ever being kidnapped back on earth. Like The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and The Dispossessed, Murder at Summerset is a tale of two worlds; a prophetic, spell-binding story of how two extraordinary heroes–Sam Windsor of Europa and Ryan Silone of earth–courageously struggle for human rights, freedom and risk everything to fight for their ideals.

“In spite of technological advances that allow life to survive on other planets, human being’s quest for power hasn’t changed over a century’s time.”

“An exhilarating murder mystery set in twenty-second century.”

I loved this book; I would try others by this author. Great story! . . .

One of the best books I have read in months! It was layered with science fiction, fantasy, and several character murder mystery. I absolutely loved it and I hope the author writes more like it . . .

An excellent back and forth between here and there. The libertarian Europa and the swiftly devolving American fascist state are at odds. E A St Amant shows you how and why. I’ve read a lot of the fantastic and I’m thoroughly convinced this is one of the best hard sci-fi stories to come out in a long time.

Rivetting . . . exciting . . . . I pray they never invent an inviolable test like the Cavanaugh Truth Audit and hope that our democracies will ever be safe from the likes of President Mark Hudson.

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