The Circle Cluster

The Circle Cluster by E A St Amant

Words: 656,140   
ISBN13: 9780978011901
ISBN13: 9780978011918
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E A St Amant definitely does not have his roots planted on Mother Earth . . . he has managed to give birth to whole Galactic Star System in his head. I was inexorably drawn into his many different worlds and was introduced to a myriad of life forms . . . humanoid and plant! The in-depth description of each captures your imagination and you want to delve deeper, and the author gives you that with his main character, Arck Bolkant, a 15 year old boy at the beginning of Book I. He is torn away from his family and thrust into the life of a fugitive in a fiery beginning on his home planet of Troan. Through the series we watch him mature into a man struggling through love and sins of the flesh. Always at his side is Grey, his protector . . . or is she his nemesis? Arck battles with his true inheritance but is still drawn relentlessly from planet to planet by a force which is stronger than any single power. True evil follows him in the guise of authentic goodness! The author weaves his many plot lines so intricately that the reader is caught up and taken by surprise. By the end of Book I, I was hooked and couldn't wait for Book II. I settled in, fastened my seat belt and hung on for the ride. Kudos to the creator of The Circle Cluster . . . a real page turner—indisputably not a page flipper . . . excellent . . .

A stunning and gripping epic. By book 3, I was so enthralled, I couldn't wait to finish reading to the end of book 6 to follow the future of the characters and the outcome of the story. Strongly built characters with whom the reader will interact; there are some you cheer for and some you want to see get their comeuppance.

If I were stranded and had my choice of fantasy stories to choose from, the Circle Cluster would be one of them. I thought it was a metaphor, sublime and mind expanding, but once I was well into the story, I was completely swept away.

A great epic with good characterization, a well developed universe and lots of action.

I purchased this rather intimidating looking 6 book series with a healthy dose of skepticism. Since then I’ve been converted. Beautiful. It starts as a chase story and like a snowball rolling downhill gathers everything into itself faster and faster until it crashes into the Beginning One himself. A masterpiece.

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