The Molecular Structures of Jade

The Molecular Structures of Jade by E A St Amant
ISBN: 0978011996    
ISBN-13: 9780978011994
Pages: 233   
Words: 83,270   
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Imagine a child with the greatest mind on earth destroyed by those meant to encourage and protect her. Neglect? Carelessness? Murder? Fate? A whodunit with a twist you can’t see coming. The Molecular Structures of Jade is filled with travels, science and characters of the rugged, treacherous and cagey type. Dekafalina Collosević’s life is changed forever when she starts on her journey to Argentina to solve a decade’s old mystery into who killed Jade Solvic.

“Definitely a page turner from first to last. Beau Rogers is the best ‘good’ bad guy I have ever seen created. I think the voices of the main characters of The Molecular Structures of Jade get you so close that you can hear them breathing or smell the alcohol on their breath. Richard Solvic is such apathetic person that I wanted to hug him. Lin Lin Kenzy is feisty and refreshing and I cheered for her. The authors have an expert talent portraying strong characters.”

is awesome, I liked the way it was written and it was completely different than what I expected after reading Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain. A great book with a unique writing style and surprise outcomes. A bang-up collaboration between the authors without any style conflicts. It makes you think about life, its meaning and how every life is different; shows the strength and weakness of the spirit and how people overcome self quarrels in order to do the greater good. It somehow defines the distance people will go for what they believe is right. A full mixture of action, adventure and mystery and I would hardily recommend it.

captures the complexities of Buenos Aires, weaving a story that twists and turns like the streets themselves. The suspense is maintained throughout, all the while intertwining a healthy dose of wit and humour.

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