Spiritual Apathy

Spiritual Apathy by E A St Amant
ISBN: 0978011988    
ISBN-13: 9780978011987
Pages: 200   
Words: 67,020   
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Come on a journey, set yourself free from the modern pathologies of civilization . . . from bad personal habits and attitudes. E A St Amant takes you to a place where black is white, old is new and goodness is a real choice that you must make anew everyday.

“Can the advice of an educated professional be enough? Or correct? E A St. Amant squares off against a study and a perspective that motivates an in-depth reflection of both personal management and societal obligation. Spiritual Apathy is both controversial and inspiring.”

This is a parable of a prestigious psychiatrist and a lowly Jamaican janitor who battle it out for the heart and soul of a boy at war with himself and his drug addicted lover, the beautiful sex-vixen who learned her arts while still a child.

if you've ever wondered if there is an alternative explanation for mental pathology, here it is. An exciting tale of self discovery in an first-rate drama.

Reconstructing mental illness in Toronto for all the acrophobic backwash, too funny, too sad. The paranormal and insanity are the current cherished suburban myths which replace the hard boring facts of modern times. E A St Amant certainly makes you wonder. It's yet another challenging and wonderful read.

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