This Is Not a Reflection of You

This Is Not a Reflection of You by E A St Amant

ISBN-13: 9780978260316
Pages: 245   
Words: 91,690   
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Gloria Bowmen is a child of Nazi Germany; a thoroughbred Teutonic anvil who has resisted all charity, society and civility. She is hidden safely and unsuspectedly in a cloistered community in Toronto Canada. Not even Dahmer, Pickford or Bernardo is a match for her iniquity. With all of her considerable power she becomes the master of her world and reaps a vengeance on one man which is both ingenious and perfectly monstrous. Good and evil is her most popular past-time and she revels in the destruction of all around her; only a single person stands in her way, the man who has already killed her; she's the cute old lady next door who would like to Stalinize the whole world.

Gloria Bowmen is a sort of real vampire. A life of evil and a hater of all things good perfectly described in an outstanding adventure.

The cute old Nazi-grandma living in a secluded wealthy Greek neighbourhood in Toronto. She is at war with the world. She hates everything and everyone. E A St Amant deserves a lot of credit for this story. An exciting tale of death, rebirth and the worst side of human nature.

fascinating; something completely different. Readers who listen to their hearts will recognize the link between the old regime and Gloria Bowmen. Great plot twists; absolutely delicious evil characters.

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