Instant Sober

Instant Sober by E A St Amant

ISBN-13: 9780978260309
Pages: 218   
Words: 80,400   
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Much praise for St Amant and Zucca's remarkable storytelling ability. Now they've done it again! When erotic bloodshed possesses your soul, then pleasure is hell, and heaven? The fleeting possibility of reason over passion.

The decorated Detective Adam Kenzy returns again to become one of fiction's greatest puzzle solvers. Instant Sober is riveting. Incredible characters, violence with a whiplash speed and a fascinating outcome.

"I was sober once and it was a dull horrible life. Now I'm high all the time. If I need to get straight, no problem. I down a tin of Instant Sober -- within minutes, I'm there. Now life is the ascent of a good time accentuated only with the irresistible urge to kill!"

These two writers have transformed the detective story from a complicated puzzle-solving event through faultless story telling to a rather serious reflection on the city of Toronto, the analysis of youthful life in Canada and the decadence of modern science.

This is not only a dark exciting tale of a streak of murders in Toronto, but one of the most outstanding action detective novels I've ever read. It is a time of a brilliant innovative invention of two Canadian scientists-gone wrong! It's also the time of the Spiderman Rapist terrorizing the city of Toronto and the two police detectives who are thrust into the crisis caused by both events. A masterpiece...

due to my appreciation of Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain and the Molecular Structures of Jade, I read Instant Sober. It didn't disappoint. I was enthralled-found it difficult to put it down, with its quick ability to grab the reader and hold his attention throughout. Not necessarily a book for someone with a weak stomach but a great exciting read with an almost too close to home feel, if it were not fiction, (being a Toronto native). Would recommend it to those who enjoy the dark witty humor accompanied by aggressive action thriller. A great collaboration between the two authors, who seem to be getting more creative and intoxicating with every new work that comes out...

in this highly readable quick-paced drama in the streets of Toronto, Detective Adam Kenzy unravels the mysteries of the Spiderman Rapist and the Bird's Nest Murders. Interesting and full of blood and guts with lots of twists and turns . . .

this dynamic writing duo transforms the detective story from a mere cliché in puzzle solving to pure art; the pace as the investigators unravel the strange cases of murder in the homes of Toronto slips into warp drive.

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