Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain

Dancing in the Costa Rican Rain by E A St Amant
ISBN: 0978011813    
ISBN-13: 9780978011819
Pages: 237   
Words: 95,560   
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This work explodes the leftist myths about the defeat of the Sandinistas by the US Imperialists and topples one untruth after another. It is an intriguing hard-boiled political adventure reflecting the dedication of its protagonists to democracy, even while it focuses on atrocities and Human Rights abuses committed by both sides during the long conflict . . .

“E A St Amant captures a perfect pitch from his democratic centralist’s perch and tilts his pen at the crooked windmills of both left and right . . . engaging and unforgiving . . . it follows the story even up until present . . . informative . . . a political chronicle that is also a page-turner.”

Rich with detail, exciting and intense. It plunges the reader into a struggle for survival under a political power clash where friendship, love, betrayal and revenge highlight and intensify the human story.

is a good adventure with strong political views, extremely informative of the history of Nicaragua. The characters are well depicted and I learned the political views of some of the surrounding Central American countries. Though the Central Americans are similar in their aspirations, they seem to change as soon as you cross a border. An enjoyable tale . . . not suited for those with narrow-minded political views . . . a suspenseful story while also incorporating intelligent humor.

So far I've read Stealing Flowers, Fog Walker and Book of Mirrors. I fully intend to read all of E A St Amant's books. This work was enlightening in regards to the politics of Central America and equally critical of both sides of the conflict in a original way that I have never before seen. It educated but wasn't highbrow; it entertained, had a common vernacular and was funny. I felt miserable for both the Conservatives and the Liberals; the Somoza family were terrible despots and the Sandinistas were fanatics . . . as the author says, 'Poor Nicaragua'.

E A St Amant successfully develops characters who are caught in the whirlwind of a historical event; the settings, descriptions and issues from the first pages infatuate you, pull you in to the swirl of the people and places, so that your mind is transformed into a sort of sponge effortlessly absorbing the gripping narrative. You’re going to enjoy the ride and be informed while you’re getting to where it sends you: the Sandinista revolution and the Contra reaction studied under a magnifying glass.

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