Book of Mirrors

Book of Mirrors by E A St Amant
ISBN: 097801183X    
ISBN-13: 9780978011833
Pages: 246   
Words: 86,060   
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The battle of Mirror Island is provoked over UnHoli’s Book of Mirrors and is a wild adventure into the occult.

E A St Amant has applied modern Biblical myth and reinterpreted divine archaeology, bringing it to a dark startling outcome. An immaterial expanding universe of spirit and matter, creating paths for angels and avatars who can, like man, choose between good or evil. It’s a glimpse into a counter reality.

“. . . Heaven and hell unite to stop a unitarian-like avatar who wants all formal religion on earth banished. The ancient members of the first tribe, the angels, come together in an alliance with the forces of the devil using human go-betweens to outmanoeuvre their opponents, who just happen to be working for the best interest of mankind.”

a strange religion without an omnipotent God. The angels and devils fight it out for supremacy. Spooky. Realistic. St Amant's world is one of dark twisted undertones. Human destruction means nothing to the First and Second Tribes. The opening is simply the best there is, sucks you into the narcissistic world of Magog.

I loved it.

Although I haven’t read the author’s other books, this must be one of his best. It’s poetry in motion . . . fast paced . . . exuberant with a spooky alternative mythology. I super liked it.

Masterfully fantastic and sadistic. I found it extraordinarily scary and uncannily twisted; a dark piece of work with a compelling alternate possibility into the supernatural.

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