Five Years After

Five Years After by E A St Amant
ISBN: 0978011848    
ISBN-13: 9780978011840
Pages: 271   
Words: 80,850   
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Five Years After uncovers a universal paradox: for 35 years two horrible murders remained a constant mystery although a suspect has been duly convicted. The seeming inexplicable dark madness which has remained hidden from everyone involved in the vortex’s grip expands and widens to a sensational and unthinkable evil federation; a malevolency so vast, wealthy and powerful that to fight it seems futile. Will one man be able to stand against this force or will he go mad with the relentless weaving of the murders of the people around him who he loves and tries to protect?

“Written in a fashion defined by the many characters and the excellent manner they are all brought together . . . a mind teaser, and just as you think you have it figured out, wham, it swerves, or reverses, or throws a curve and just plain fools you: you can’t and won’t figure this murder mystery out, I guarantee it.”

Best book I've read in diesel-e-book. Spell-binding intrigue; well developed plot and characters and more;

A wonderfully written whodunit with an ending you wouldn’t expect and can’t foresee.

The murderers remain hidden in plain sight . . . remarkable . . . poignant . . . and a little frightening. E A St Amant has created the perfect blend of conspiracy-thriller and murder-mystery.

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