Books Cited in: The Novels or in the on-site Articles

Books . . . permit us to interrogate the past with high accuracy; to tap the wisdom of our species; to understand the point of view of others, and not just those in power; to contemplate - with the best teachers - the insights, painfully extracted from Nature, of the greatest minds that ever were, drawn from the entire planet and from all of our history. They allow people long dead to talk inside our heads. Books can accompany us everywhere. Books are patient where we are slow to understand, allow us to go over the hard parts as many times as we wish, and are never critical of our lapses. Books are key to understanding the world and participating in a democratic society . . . Carl Sagan.

12 Rules for Life, J Peterson
21 Lessons, Y N Harari
25 Lies, V E Ellison
7&1/2, L F Barrett
9-11, N Chomsky
48 Laws of Power, R Greene
50 Poems, Osip Mandelstam
1984, G Orwell
The 900 Days, H E Salisbury
1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows, A Weiwei
1177 B.C., E H Cline
The ABC of Relativity, Russell
Abuse of Power: The New Nixon Tapes, Stanley I Kutler
Accessary to War, N Tyson, A Lang
The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights, John Steinbeck
Adventures of Ideas, Whitehead
Aftermath, J Rickards
The Age of Analysis, White
The Age of Anxiety, W H Auden
The Age of Entitlement, C Caldwell
The Age of Global Warming, R Darwall
The Age of Madness, Szasz
The Age of Stagnation, S Das
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, s Zuboff
The Ages of Globalization, J D Sachs
Albert Einstein Philosopher-Scientist, Schilpp
Albert Eistein: A Life of Genius, A Kennedy
All Quiet on the Western Front, E M Remarque
All the Devils are Here, B Mclean, J Nocera
American Power, N Chomsky
American Vertigo, B H Levy
Anatomy of the Bear. R Napier
An Enemy of the State The Life of Murray N Rothbard, Raimondo
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Hume
An Interview With Ayn Rand, R Newman
And Yet, C Hitchens
The Analysis of Matter,  B Russell
Anarchy, State and Utopia, Nozick
The Ancestor's Tale, R Dawkins
Animal Farm, G Orwell
Anna Karenin, L Tolstoy
Answer To Ayn Rand, J W Robbins
Anthem, Rand
The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, Mises
The Anti Chomsky Reader, P Collier
The Anti-Christ, Nietzsche
Antifragile, N Taleb
An Appetit for Wonder, R Dawkins
Approaching Infinity, M Huemer
The Aquariums of Pyongyang, K Chol-Hwan
Arguably, C Hitchens
Aristocratic Government and Society in 18th Century England, D A Baugh
Aristotle’s Politics and Poetics,  B Jowett
The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, S D Phinney, J S Volek
The Art of Loving, Erich Fromm
Army of None, P Scharre
As Good as Gold, Joseph Heller
The Ascent of Man, J Bronowski
The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson
The Assault on Truth, Masson
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, N DeGrasse Tyson
Atheism, Morality and Meaning, M Martin
Atlas Shrugged,  A Rand
Atomic Habits, J Clear
Auden, R Davenport-Hines
Autobiography, J S Mills
Authentic Happiness, M Seligman
Autumn of the Patriarch, G G Marquez
Ayn Rand and Alienation, S Greenberg
The Ayn Rand Cult, J Walker
A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka, L Golonkin
Basic Economics, T Sowell
The Basic Laws of Arithmetic, G Frege
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, A Chua
Becoming Bulletproof, T Anderson
Becoming Vegetarian, V Melina and B Davis
Before Night Falls, R Arenas
The Beginning of Infinity, D Deutsch
Behave, R M Sapolsky
Being and Nothingness, J P Sartre
Believing Bullshit, S Law
The Bell Curve, R Heinstein, C Murray
The Bell Jar, S Plath
Beloved, T Morrison
Better, A Gawande
Better Angels, S Pinker
Between Extistentialism and Marxism, J P Sartre
Beyond Chutzpah, F Finkelstein
Beyond Order, J Peterson
The Big Fat Surprise, N Teicholz
The Big Picture, S Carroll
The Big Ratchet, R Defries
The Big Reset,  W Middelkoop
The Big Short, M Lewis
The Birds, D  Du Maurier
Birdsong, S Faulks
The Black Book of Communism, S C A Paczowski, K Bartosek
The Black Cloud, F Hoyle
Black Mass, J Gray
Blackout, C Owens
Black Rednecks, T Sowell
The Black Swan, N N Taleb
Blank Slate, S Pinker
The Blind Side, M Lewis
The Blind Watchmaker, R Dawkins
Blink, M Gladwell
The Blocksize War, J Beir
Blood Class and Empire, C Hitchens
Blood Diamonds, G Campbell
The Blood Sugar Solution, M Hyman
Blue Ocean Strategy, W C Chan, R Mauborgne
The Blue Zones, D Buettner
Bolshevism, Russell
The Bomber Mafia, M Gladwell
The Bonobo and the Atheist, Frans de Waal
Books Do Furnish a Life, R Dawkins
The Book Thief, M Zusak
Boom, Bust and Echo, D Foot
Boomerang, M Lewis
Born to Run, B Springsteen
Bourgeois Dignity, D N McCloskey
Bowling Alone, R D Putman
The Boys in the Band, M Crowley
The Boys in the Boat, D J Brown
The Brain That Changes Itself, N Doidge
Brain on Fire, S Callohan
Brand Warfare,   D D'Alessandro
A Brave New World,  A Huxley
Bread and Wine, I Silone
Breaking the Spell, D Dennett
Breath, J Nestor
Brief Candle in the Dark, R Dawkins
A Brief History of Time, S Hawking
The Broken Earth Trilogy, N K Jemison
Broken Markets, K Mellyn
The Brothers Karamazov, F Dostoevsky
Boundless, B Greenfield
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, D Brown
The Calm before the Storm, G Friedman
The Cancer Ward, A Solzhenitsyn
Candide, Voltaire
Capitalism and Freedom, M Friedman
Capitalism and the Historians, F Hayek
Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, P Schumpeter
Carnage and Culture, V Hanson
The Case Against God, G H Smith
The Case for Trump, V D Hanson
Catch 22, J Heller
The Cave and the Light, A Herman
Chance, Love and Logic, C S Peirce
Change Your Brain, D G Amen
Chaos, J Gleick
The Chicken Qabalah, L M DuQuette
The China Study, C Campbell
Chinese Shadows, S Leys
Cholesterol Clarity, J Moore, E C Westman
The Cholesterol Conspiracy, Russel L Smith
The Cholestrol Myths, U Ravnskov
City of God, Augustine
The City of the Sun, T Campanella
Civil Rights, T Sowell
Civilization and its Discontents, S Freud
The Civilizing Process, N Elias
The Clash of Civilizations, S P Huntington
Classical Economics Reconsidered, T Sowell
Climate: The Counter Censensus, R Carter
Climate: Change: The Facts 2017, A Watts
Climbing Mount Improbable, R Dawkins
Code Blue, M Magee
The Code Breaker, W Isaacson
Coercion as Care, T Szasz
Cognitive Dominance, M McLaughlin, S Coyne
Collapse, J Diamond
The Collapse of Chaos, J Cohen, I Stewart
Collected Poems, Auden
Collected Poems, Akhmatova
Collected Poems, Mandelstam
The Coming of Age in Somoa, M Mead
Common Sense Investing, Bogle
Communism in Eastern Europe, ed Rakowska-Harmstone&Gyorgy
Communist Manifesto, K Marx and F Engels
Comrades, R Service
The Concept of Mind, G Ryle 
Concept of Nature, A Whitehead
A Conflict of Vision, T Sowell
Conjectures and Refutations, K Popper
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, M Twain
The Conquest of Happiness, B Russell
Considerations on Representative Government, J S Mills
Consolatione Philosophiae, (Consolation of Philosophy), Boethius
The Constitution of Liberty, F Hayek
Cook Yourself Thin, C Kumai
Cosmic Queries, N deGrasse Tyson
COVID 19 and the Global Predators, P Breggin, G Breggin
Countdown, A Weisman
The Counter-Revolution of Science, F Hayek
The Courage the Face COVID 19, J Leake, P A Collough
Cracking Big Green, R Arnold, P Driessen
Crash Proof, P Schiff
Crazy Talk, Stupid Talk, N Postman
Creative Destruction, R N Foster, S Kaplan
Creative Evolution H Bergson
Creative Mythology, J Campbell
Crime and Punishment, F Dostoevsky
Crime and Punishment in America, E Currie
Crime in Progress, G Simpson
The Crimson Chalice, V Canning
Crisis in Islam, B Lewis
The Critique of Pure Reason, E Kant
A Critique of Pure Tolerance, Marcuse, Wolff & Moore
The Crystal Cave, M Stewart
The Cultural Trilogy, T Sowell
Currency Wars, J Rickards
Cynical Theories, J A Lindsay
The Dangling Man, S Bellow
A Dark Science,  J Masson
Darkness at Noon, A Koestler
Dark Universe,  D F Galouye
Darwinism Evolving,  D Depew and B Weber
Das Capital, K Marx
David and Goliath, M Gladwell
Dawkins' God, A E McGrath
Days of Rage, B Burrough
Death By Food Pyramid, D Minger
The Death of Arthur, T Malory
Descartes' Error, A R Damusio
Decline of the West, O Spengler
Democracy in America, A De Tocqueville
Democide,  R J Rummel
The Demon Haunted World, C Sagan
Dialogues of Plato, Plato
Did Jesus Exist? D B Ehrman
Deliberately Dumbing Down America, T C Iserbyt
A Devil's Chaplain, R Dawkins
The Devil's Chessboard, D Talbot
The Devil's Delusion, P Berlinski
The Devil's Eye, J McDevitt
Discipline and Punish, M Foucault
Discourse on Method, R Descartes
Discrimination and Disparities, T Sowell
Disposable People, K Bales
The Dispossessed, U L Le Guin
The Divided Self, R D Laing
Does God Play Dice? I Stewart
Doing Justice, P Bharara
The Dollar Meltdown, C Goyette
Don Quixote, M de Cervantes Saavedra,
The Don Juan Trilogy, Castaneda
Don't Shoot,   D M Kennedy
Drone Warfare, M Benjamin
Dumbing Us Down,   J T Gatto
Eastern Wisdom, Modern Life,   A Watts
Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, W Willett
Eating Animals,   J S Foer
Eating Well For Optimum Health,   A Weil
The Eatons,   McQueen, Stoddart
Ecomonics, P Krugman
Economic Facts and Fallacies, T Sowell
Economic Sophisms,   F Bastiat
Economics in One Lesson,   H Hazlitt
Economics Without Illusions,   J Heath
Ego is the Enemy, R Holiday
The Einstein Syndrome, T Sowell
Empire, N Ferguson
The Encyclopedia of Delusions,   Duncan, Weston-Smith
The End is Always Near, D Carlin
The End of Faith,   S Harris
The End of Liberalism,   T J Lowi
The End of Povery, J Sachs
The Enemies of Society,   P Johnson
The Enlightened Despots,   G Bruun
Enlightenment Now, S Pinker
Enough Already, S Horton
EPI-Paleo RX, Kraus
Erewhon,   S Butler
Escape from Freedom, E Fromm
Essays and Aphorisms,   A Schopenhauer
Essays,   M de Montaigne
Essays,   T B Macaulay
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, J Locke
Ethics Demonstrated with Geometrical Order,   B de Spinoza
The European Dream,   J Rifkin
European Intellectual History Since Darwin and Marx,   ed Wagar
Evil Genes, B Oakley
The Evolution of Beauty, R O Prum
The Evolution of Everything, M Ridley
The Evolution of Morality, R Joyce
The Existence of God,   Wallace I Matson
Existentialism and Humanism, J P Sartre
The Extended Phenotype, R Dawkins
Exploring Chaos, N Hall
The Exploitation Theory, E von Boehm-Bawerk
Exposing the Real Che Guevara, H Fontova
The Fabric of Reality, D Deutsch
Facial Justice, L P Hartley
Factfulness, H Rosling
Factory Physics, Pound, Bell and Spearman
The Faerie Queene, E Spenser
Fahrenheit 451, R Bradbury
Failed States, N Chomsky
Fake Invisible Castatrphes, P Moore
Family Ties,   (The McCains), M Woloschuk
The Family,   J Sharlet
Far and Away N Peart
Far and Near, N Peart
Far and Wide, N Peart
Far from the Madding Crowd, T Hardy
A Farewell to Arms, E Hemingway
Fast Food Nation, E Schlosser
Fat Chance, R Lustig
The Fatal Conceit, F Hayek
Fate and Will in the Marxian Philosophy of History, R V Daniels
Flash Boys, M Lewis
Friedrich Hayek, E Butler
The Fifties,   D Halberstam
Finding Flow,   M Csikszentmihalyi
Finnegans Wake,   J Joyce
First Principles,  H Spencer
Fighting God, D Silverman
Flow, M Csikszentmihalyi
The Food Fix, M Hyman
Fooled By Randomness, N N Taleb
For the Sake of Argument, C Hitchens
Foucault Live: Collected Interviews, M Foucault
The Foucault Reader, M Foucault
The Foundation of Morality  Schopenhauer
The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge,   A J Ayer
The Fountainhead,   A Rand
Four Reasonable Men,   B Blanshard
The Fractualist, B Mandelbrot
Fragile by Design, C W Calomoris, S H Haber
Freakonomics,   S Dubner and S Levitt
Freedom and Responsibility, H Bok
Freedom to Choose,   M Friedman
Freedom Regained, J Baggini
Free Women, Free Men. C Paglia
Freezing Order, B Browder
From Beirut to Jerusalem,   T L Friedman
The Function of Reason, A N Whitehead
The Future of Freedom,   F Zakaria
Future Shock, A Toffler
Gawain, Lancelot, and Percival,   C de Troyes
General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology, E Husserl
Genome, M Ridley
Gestalt Therapy Verbatim, S Perls
Ghost Wars, S Coll
The Girl Who Escaped ISIS, F Khalaf
Global Warming, J Houghton
Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People, R Spencer
God and the Folly of Faith, V Stenger
God and the Multiverse, V Stenger
The God Delusion, R Dawkins
The God Equation, M Kaku
God Is Not Great, C Hitchens
Godless, D Barker
Good to Great, J Collins
Good Strategy, Bad Strategy, R P Rumelt
The Gospel According to Luke, S Lukather
Grain Brain, D Perimutter
The Grand Inquisitor, F Dostoevsky
The Grapes of Wrath,   J Steinbeck
The Great American Heart Hoax, M Ozner
Great American Hyocrites, G Greenwald
The Great Awakening, A Gugin
The Great Big Book of Horrible Things, M White
The Great Cholesterol Con, M Kenrick
The Great Cholesterol Myth, Bowden, Sinatra
The Great Degeneration, N Ferguson
The Great Derangement, A Ghosh
Great Expectations,   C Dickens
The Greatest Show on Earth, R Dawkins
The Greatest Trade Ever, G Zuckerman
The Great Gatsby,  F S Fitzgerald
The Great Persuasion, A Burgin
Great Philosopical Debates, S Nichols
The Great Reckoning,   JDD Davidson and W Rees-Mogg
The Great Terror, (A Reassessment), R Conquest
Greenlights, M McConaughey
The Gulag Archipelago,  A Solzhenitsyn
Gulliver’s Travels, J Swift
Guns, Germs, and Steel,   J Diamond
Ham on Rye, C Buskowski
The Hand Maiden’s Tale, M Atwood
Hand to Mouth, L Tirado
Harriet Tubman, C Clinton
Hate Inc., M Taibbi
Hayek on Hayek,   F Hayek
Healing with Whole Foods, P Pitchford
The Heart of Darkness,   J Conrad
The Heart of the Matter,   G Greene
Heaven and Earth: Global Warming: The Missing Sciece, I Plimer
Hegel: Texts and Commentary, W Kaufmann
Hegemony and Survival, N Chomsky
Helter Skelter, V Bugliosi
Here Comes Everybody,   Clay Shirky
Herectic, A H Ali
Hidden Order, D Friedman
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire E Gibbon
History of Freedom, Lord Acton
Hisory of Idea of Progress, R A Nisbet
A History of Knowledge C Van Doren
History of Western Philosophy, B Russell
A History of Western Philosophy, W T Jones
A History of Western Philosophy, F Copleston
A History of Warfare, J Keegan
History, Its Theory and Practice, B Croce
Hitch 22, C Hitchens
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, B Adams
Hitler and Stalin,   A Bullock
The Hollow Hills,   M Stewart
The Hollow Men,   T S Eliot
Hooked, M Moss
Hope Against Hope, N Mandelstam
How Innovation Works, M Ridley
How Not to Die, G Stone
How the Mind Works, S Pinker
How the Scotts Invented the Modern World, A Herman
How to be an Antiracist,  I X Kendi
How to do Things with Words, J L Austin
How to Eat,   N Lawson
How to Stand Up to a Dictator, M Ressa
How Elites Stole the Social Justice Movement, F deBoer
How We Learn, B Carey
Huckleberry Finn,   M Twain
Human Action,   L von Mises
The Hunchback of Notre Dame,   Vi Hugo
A Hundred Years of Solitude, G G Marquez
The Hunger Angel, H Muller
A Hunter-Gatherers Guide to the 21st Century, Heying, Weinstein
Hysteria, S Freud
The I Ching, Book of Changes, translation R Wilhelm
The Ideas of Ayn Rand, R Merrill
The Idea of Decline in Western Civilization, A Herman
The Idealist: Aaron Swartz, J Peters
Ideology and Insanity,   T Szasz
I'll Burn that Bridge When I get ot It, N Finkelstein
The Immune System Recovery Plan, S Blum
Imperial Reckoning, C Elkins
Imprisonment Worldwide, Coyle, Fair, Jacobson, Walmsley
In and Out of the Garbage Pail, S Perl
The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man, R M Price
In Defense of Atheism, M Onfray
In Defense of Secular Humanism, P Kurtz
In a Few Hands, E Kefauver
An Inconvenient Minority, K Xu
An Inconvenient Truth, A Gore
Individualism and Economic Order, F A Hayek
Invermectin for Freedom, J R Hope, B Miller
Invermectin for the World, J R Hope 
Inevitable Revolutions, W Lafeber
Infidel, A H Ali
Innate, K J Mitchell
In Search of Enemies, Stockwell
In Search of Lost Time, M Proust
In the Words of Neil DeGrasse Tyson, F Johnson
Intellectuals and Society, T Sowell
The Interpretation of Dreams, S Freud
Introduction to a History of Western Philosophy, A Flew
Intuition Pumps,   D Dennett
Inventing Freedom, D Hannan
Invisible Man, R Ellison
Is God a Mathematician, M Livio
Is Objectivism a Religion?, A Ellis
Isis Unveiled, H P Blavatsky
It's the Crude Dude,   L MacQuaig
The Jaguar Smile,   S Rushdie
The Jesus Myth, A Wells
John Maynard Keynes, R Skidelsky
The Jungles of Randomness, I Peterson
Karl Marx, A Nineteenth-Century Life,   J Sperber
Karl Marx: His Life and Environment,    I Berlin
Kettlebell: Simple & Sinister, Pavel (Tsatsouline)
The KGB Plays Chess, B Gulko
A Knock at Midnight, recordings of M L King, Jr , Edited, Carson and Holleran
The Know it All, A J Jacobs
Knowledge and Decisions, T Sowell
Knowledge, Reality and Value, M Huemer
Labyrinths, J L Borge
Land Without Justice, M Djilas
The Language Instinct, S Pinker
The Last Days of Socrates, Plato
The Last Lion, Volume I, W Manchester
The Last Lion, Voume II, W Manchester
The Last Lion, Volume III, P Reid
The Latte Factor, D Bach, J D Mann
Late Talking Children, T Sowell
Law, Legislation and Liberty, F Hayek
Law, Liberty, and Psychiatry, T Szasz
Leaders Eat Last, S Sinek
Learning to Learn, Oakley, Sejnowski, McConville
Leaving Islam,   I Warraq
Legacy of Ashes,   T Weiner
Lenin, R Service
The Lessons of This Century, K Popper
Let History Judge, R A Medvedev
Letters from an Astrophysicist, N deGrasse Tyson
Letters to a Young Contrarian,   C Hitchens
Leviathan,   T Hobbes
Liberal Fascism, J Goldberg
The Libertarian Alternative,   edited T R Machan
The Libertarian Reader, edited T R Machan
Lieutenant-Colonel de Maumort,   R Martin du Gard
Life, K Richards
Life and Death in Shanghai, N Cheng
The Life of the Cosmos, L Smolin
Life of Pi, Y Martel
The Life of Reason, G Santayana
Lifespan, D St Clair
The Limits of Obligation, J S Fishkin
Little Women, L M Alcott
The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality, A Comte-Sponville
The Lizard Cage, K Connelly
The Logic of Scientific Discovery,  K Popper
The Logical Syntax of Language, R Carnap
Long Walk to Freedom, N Mandela
Look Homeward Angel, T Wolfe
Looking Backwards, E Bellamy
Lord of the Rings, J R Tolkien
The Lords of Finance,   L Ahamed
LoserThink, S Adams
The Lost Horizon,   (Shangri La), J Hilton
The Machine, Lee Fang
The Machinery of Freedom, D Friedman
Madness and Civilization,   M Foucault
The Madness of Crowds, D Murray
The Magnesium Miracle, C Dean
The Magic Mountain,   T Mann
Magic Pill, J Hari
Magic, Science and Religion, B Malinowski
The Magic of Reality, R Dawkins
Magnetic Mountian, S Kotkin
The Main Currents of Marxism,   L Kolakowski
The Making of Modern Liberalism, A Ryan
Man and the State,   J Maritain
Man, Economy and State,   M Rothbard
Man’s Peril, B Russell
Man's Search for Meaning, V E Frankl
The Man Versus the State,   H Spencer
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, O Sacks
The Mandibles, Shriver
A Manual For Creating Athiests,   P Boghossian
The Manufacture of Madness,   T Szasz
A Many-Colored Glass, F Dyson
Maps of Meaning, J Peterson 
Marked for Death, G Wilder
Market Sense and Nonsense,   J D Schwager
The Marshmallow Test, W Mischel
Marx and the Marxists, S Hook
Marxism, T Sowell
Marxism Unmasked, L Mises
Masters of Mankind, N Chomsky
The Marxification of Education, J Lindsay
Maverick, J L Riley
The Medicalization of Everyday Life, T Szasz
Meditations, M Aurelius
The Mental Edge, K Baum
Mephisto,  K Mann
Metabolical, R Lustig
Metamorphosis, F Kafka
Metaphysics of Morals, E Kant
The Michael Eric Dyson Reader, M E Dyson
Middlemarch, G Eliot
Midnight’s Children, S Rushdie
Mien Kampf, A Hitler
Mind in the Making, E Galinsky
Minds and Machines, edited A R Anderson
Mindshift, B Oakley
Miseducation, N Chomsky
The Mismeasure of Man, S J Gould
Miss Lonely-hearts, N West
The Missionary Position, C Hitchens
The Mists of Avalon, M Z Bradley
Modes of Thought, A N Whitehead
Money Ball, M Lewis
Money and Power , W D Cohan
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, R Heinlein
The Moral Animal, R Wright
Morals and Dogma, A Pike
The Moral Landscape, S Harris
A Moral Theory at the Movies, D A Kowalski
Moral Origins, C Boehm
Morality and the Law, R A Wasserstrom
More Guns, Less Crime, J R Lott
The Mosquito Coast, Paul Thoreau
Mrs Dalloway, V Woolf
My Beef with Meat, R Esselstyn
My Beloved World, S Sotomayor
My Father’s Rifle,   H Saleem
My Effing Life, G Lee
My Years with Ludwig von Mises, M von Mises
Mysticism and Logic,   B Russell
The Myth of Mental Illness,T Szasz
The Myth of Psychotherapy, T Szasz
The Name of the Rose, U Eco
Natural Goodness, P Foot
Nature Via Nurture, M Ridley
The Neurophilosophy of Free Will, H Walters
The New Atlantis, F Bacon
The New Class, M Djilas
The New Great Depression, J Rickards
The New Jim Crow, M Alexander
The New Road to Serfdom, D Hannon
Newton's Clock, I Peterson
A Nietzsche Reader, Penguin Classic, Hollingdale
Night, E Wiesel
No Place to Hide, G Greenwald
Nomad, A H Ali
Nudge, Thaler & Sunstein
Nutrition and Your Mind, G Watson
The Nuture Assumption, J R Harris
Of Human Bondage, S Maugham
Of Men and Boys, R V Reeves
Omnipotent Government, L von Mises
Omnivore's Dilemma, M Pollan
On Becoming a Person, C Roger
On Intersectionality, K Crenshaw
On the Historicity of Jesus, R Carrier
On Liberty, J S Mills
On the Use and Abuse of History, F Nietzsche
The Once and Future King, T H White
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, A Solzhenitsyn
One Thousand and One Nights, H Al-Shaykh
The Open Society and Its Enemies, K Popper
Opus, I Asimov
The Order of Things, M Foucault
Originals, A M Grant
Origins, Neil deGrasse Trson
The Origins of the Koran, I  Warraq
Origins of Life, J M Smith & E Szathmáry
Origins of Life, F Dyson
The Origins of Totalitarianism, H Arendt
The Origins of Virtue, M Ridley
Other People's Money, J Kay
Overcoming COVID, B Tyson, G Fareed
Our Own Worst Enemies, T M Nichols
Outgrowing God, R Dawkins
The Outliers, M Gladwell
Outlive, P Attia
The Outsider, Wilson
The Pale Blue Dot, C Sagan
The Paleo Diet, L Cordain
The Paleo Solution, R Wolf
Panic Attack, R Soave
The Passion of Ayn Rand,   B Weidman
Pathological Altruism, B Oakley
The Pathologies of Power, P Farmer
Pere Goriot, Balzaz
Permanent Record, E Snowden
Personal Knowledge,   M Polanyi
Phenomenology of Mind, G W F Hegel
Philistine and Genius, B Sidis
Philosophical Essays, A J Ayer
Philosophical Investigations, L Wittgenstein
Philosophical Mysticism, R Wallace
Philosophical Papers, E Moore
The Philosophical Works of Descartes, Volume I & II, Descartes
The Philosophic Thought of Ayn Rand, D J D Uyl, D B Rasmussen
Philosophy and the Human Condition, Beauchamps, Feinberg, Smith
Philosophy and Logical Syntax, R Carnap
Philosophy in the Twentieth Century, A J Ayer
The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, P A Schilpp
The Philosophy of Aristotle, R Bambrough
The Philosophy of Bertrand Russell, P A Schilpp
The Philosophy of Brand Blanshard, P A Schilpp
The Philosopy of George Santayana, P A Schilpp
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, Plato
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With Charity Toward None,  W F O’Neill
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Woke Racism, J McWhorter
Wonderful Life, S J Gould
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, R M Pirsig